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EFT FOR POLICE and EMS workers

One of the most exciting areas of EFT use for me is in the field of law enforcement. Police officers deal with trauma victims on a daily basis and EFT may quickly provide victims of trauma with the relief that they need to assist the police in catching "the person who did this to them". Police officers can learn to apply EFT effectively in a fairly short period of time.

Victims or rape, robbery or other violent crimes are often too traumatized to give the police an accurate account of what happened, or a good description of the suspect. When used as part of a cognative interview EFT may often help remove most or all of the negative emotion associated with the crime so that they can calmly give the investigators the information that they need so that they can start looking for the suspect faster and have a better chance of apprehending a violent offender. This could very well prevent someone else being victimized!

Let's not forget that very often the victims are the police, firefighters, rescue teams, and other EMS professionals. 

They have to deal with traumatic situations on a personal level all of the time. The infant that needlessly died, the horrific crime scene that police officers have to process for hours, or even days at a time, the bodies of children that firefighters pull from a burning building. These all take an emotional toll on these dedicated men and women. Unfortunately sometimes these caring people deal with these events by being "tough guys (or girls)" and suppress the emotions under piles of paperwork or a few drinks with the boys. They often feel that if they let their emotions be seen then people might not respect them.

EFT can very often relieve the negative emotions that they are feeling, the same as anybody else using EFT. In fact EFT can be easily learned by anyone and can be applied on themselves in private.

Once EFT is learned, it can also be coached over the phone. Even though I personally use EFT on a regular basis. I very often find it more effective working with another practitioner. And EMS workers, being the kind of private people that they are when it comes to their feelings, might be more comfortable doing EFT with a me over the phone. It is just as effective over the phone as if we were sitting face to face, as long as the client has a knowledge of the tapping points already.


EFT is a perfect tool for Peer Counselling that is involked after a critical incident. The EMS worker who needs the assistance does not have to disclose any of the details of the critical incident to the support person. As long as he or she can focus on the feelings, they can tap on them and get the relief that they need. Because of this, in the case of police,  the supporting officer does not become a "witness" to the incident.

Early intervention after a traumatic incident can prevent long term problems down the road. EFT can prevent the onset of PTSD and get the EMS worker back to work where they want to be. 

EMS personnel can be trained in groups or individually to apply EFT both for victims of crime and "peer support" in conjunction with current "Peer Counseling Programs".

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